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Buycott is an interesting platform that uses campaigns to get involved with.  Once involved they  allow you to scan bar codes to learn about product history to help you decide if the product works for you or not.  Another great feature is "speak up". The app can notify product owners of your decision!

For example there is the "The Illusion of choice" campaign that targets the fact the conglomerate companies do little to let you know they hold many different brands under their corporate umbrella or not marketing that they use GMO items to produce their products

Buy Partisan looks at a companies political spending when scanning a product's bar code.  Alternatively, you can search by individual company name or specific product by utilizing the search tool in the right hand corner of the app.   BuyPartisan will search their extensive database of products and companies and display the political donations of the CEO, Board of Directors, PAC’s and employees of the company you are buying from.  Find and purchase the right product for you then share your newfound knowledge with friends on social media.  Get details on a company’s board of directors, including who they are and where they are spending their money. BuyPartisan also lets you compare companies and find ones who shares your values.

To get involved with ETHICAL BAR CODE CHECK THEM OUT HERE - www.ethicalbarcode.com

Ethical Bar Code is an app that uses a rating system that displays once you scan a products bar code.   Ethical Bar Code is a non-profit project that educates consumers about the products they buy and the companies who make them. It was built to enlighten customers about the brands they buy and the practices they are supporting as a result.


By making informed purchases we all have a chance to inspire companies to share our values and passions.


Glia's approach uses maps and pin points that are color coded to define just how much a business aligns with your "profile" that you create on Glia's platform.  Once you add your information to create your profile, it is as easy as looking at you map to choose exactly where you want to shop knowing it is the best possible match!  Their algorithm looks at the issues that you care about and checks whether you and the business support the same values.  Glia empowers people to do just that. Glia empowers people to shop their values.

We each have our dealmakers and dealbreakers so Take daily polls to refine your score with places nearby to have the best connection to your values.


The Daily Voter web site was cerated to address the growing need to bring attention to and organize the average person to help them realize that EVERY SINGLE DAY we make choices in the way we spend our money on the things we buy.  It's a consumer society folks and every single day we VOTE on what we purchase.  Obvious right?  Well it has been harder and harder for us as individuals to foster change in our society and with the power and speed of social media and Internet technology getting involved has never been easier to not only get involved but also to make change!  This site is dedicated to displaying resources that you can use to help in making these daily choices by VOTING WITH YOUR WALLET using the resourced provided.  Just think, we are only able to vote in elections a few times every few years and that can get frustrating when things move too slow or not move at all when it comes to the thing we want to change most!   Also, not being listened to just plain hurts!  We here at THE DAILY VOTER want you to understand that you have HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of votes that you can cast EVERY SINGLE DAY with EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE!  Better yet, this is the ONLY voting platform that NOT CASTING A VOTE, CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We love to hear about change so contact us and tell your story about what you are doing to make change.   Or perhaps you have stumbled upon some amazing new app or crazy cool new resource that The Daily Voter community needs to know about so we can share with the rest of the crowd.  Contact us and let us know!


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